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The Essex culture defines the enduring character of who we are as a salon and it captures the soul of our business. 
Essex Salon is not a job for us; we chose this as our purpose. We believe we make a difference in peoples lives by having the vision to recognize the beauty in all we meet, and by helping them to see the beauty in themselves. 
Our guests have the feeling of being welcomed, that they have come to a place for themselves, to relax, unwind and to have a sense of peace.  Relationships blossom here because our customers are working with someone they know they can trust and open up to. We are their outlet. 
The foundation of this salon is built by a pursuit to provide consistency and excellence in all we do, as a family working together. This is who we are, people making a difference in others  by giving and caring.

The Essex History - 
The Essex Culture is founded in a love of all things related to style, well being, and above all, family. As a little girl Nancy would visit her grandfather's barber shop and she would dream of someday having her own salon. That dream has come true for Nancy, and now the tradition is carrying on with Nancy's daughters and granddaughter as they bring their own talents to Essex. Today the salon is a full service day spa and salon offering massage, pedicures, manicures, skin care, Reiki, and much more.
In addition to their salon, the team at Essex provides services to those who are unable to travel. They participate in Sparrow Hospital's S.P.A. program, and volunteer for community events in the area to raise awareness for breast cancer. 

"While the world and things around us may change; who we are and our purpose will not."

Meet the Essex Team